Wireless HDTV: No Power Cables Either

New HDTV by Haier has no wires coming out of the display. Uses magnetic resonance frequencies to power it. AV is handled by Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI).

Haier's "completely wireless" 55-inch LCD HDTV sends and receives uncompressed / lossless video and audio content over a Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) at rates of up to 3Gbps. In addition, it receives power to and from a separate power transmitter that must be placed no more than 8-inches away from the display. Of course, this is the catch to the company's "completely wireless" marketing agenda, yet the product still remains impressive for its ability to almost completely conceal any bulky HDMI cables and A/C power adapters.
Haier unveils completely wireless 55-inch LCD HDTV


Staff member
Not only RF interference but it must be horribly inefficient, power wise. I'd imagine it probably won't get an Energy Star rating?