Wireless microphone VS DTV transmitter interference: info needed

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Today I was contacted by friends who are involved with updating a wireless microphone system for their Church. They sent me a copy of the estimate from a Commercial Business that installs these systems and it reads like an open-ended contract, stating that because of the digital television changeover, they may have to do special work because of the interference "new" DTV causes! Really? That's odd, because most of the local stations have been transmitting DTV for years!

Next, I posted this article here a month back and it states the FCC has ordered Theaters, Churches etc using wireless systems to vacate the airways... Broadway Must Vacate Airwaves to Make Room for Verizon, AT&T - Bloomberg.com

Does anyone know if there has been a different (new) portion of the spectrum allocated for wireless microphone systems to operate? I'd hate to see them toss money into an obsolete (and soon to be illegal) system. Thanks in advance,