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This question is about "wireless network is dropping my printer", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I am having a problem keeping my wireless printer active on the wifi network. When i turn on the printer, my Macs can connect to it and print with no problems. If I printer at regular intervals (like when working from home), it will print all day. Once I let the printer sit idle for an extended time, it seems the network drops it and i cannot connect to the printer. if I power off and on the printer, or the router, it reconnects and works. I've swapped the printer (HP and Epson) and it happens on both printers. I'm using a Ubee AWG gateway. Thoughts?

This topic covered wireless network is dropping my printer, and TWC cable internet service.


TWC wireless Dropping printer wireless signals

I'm having the same problem only with Windows 7 PC's. Same UBEE modem/router. Just switched to TWC when the problem started. I've had the problem for over a week now. Had 7 call to HP Support and 5 to TWC Tech Support and problem is as bad as ever.

Have you found a solution yet?



You have two problems, printing wirelessly and Apple computers. ;^)

Seriously, this is probably a problem with your router, have you tried rebooting it instead of turning the printers off and on.

Can you specify a static IP for your printers, so when they go into power saving mode they still have an IP to reconnect to your network?
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