Wireless Receivers cut out once an hour or so - DirecTV DVR

For Wireless Receivers cut out once an hour or so, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. I have: Genie HR34-700, and 3 receivers c41w-100
wireless bridge: wvbr0-25

For the last few months, the receivers have begun losing signal, all at the same time. It then takes several minutes to detect the signal again. However, the signal strength indicator on the rear is always green, and they always go together, which tells me its a problem with the bridge (the dvr is never affected). Resetting the bridge doesn't solve the problem.

In addition, sometimes when a receiver is turned on, it locks out the channel being used on the dvr until it is manually reset. For instance, watching the news on the dvr in the den, turn on the tv in the master bedroom, now the news freezes up in the den. Change channels, they all work except for the news station, which eventually goes black. If you're recording something, it just starts recording black. This doesn't appear to affect the receivers. This lasts until you hit the red reset button on the dvr.

Finally, the dvr (and only the dvr) experiences issues with playback, where the video and audio cut out on a recorded (or paused) show. Its as if the tv loses signal. It starts happening more and more frequently until you can't even understand the audio. I've switched cables and ports,
and the issue never arises with a dvd player being used, only the dvr.

The equipment was only installed last year, so it shouldn't be age related.

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