Wireless Slow/Ethernet Fast - XFinity

For Wireless Slow/Ethernet Fast, XFinity-Comcast internet. I'm rolling with the Wireless Gatway 3 (Modeldpc3941t).

I was trying to do some streaming wirelessly and realized that my wireless seemed slower than usual. I know I've gotten at least 30mbps before on wireless. I just got a new tablet and tested the speeds and I'm getting 10mbps Down and 12mbps Up. So I in turn tested the speeds on my cellphon and laptop and got the same. So I did the obvious reboot. Nothing changed. I'm not really having issues trying to browse the web or do general tasks but something isn't right. I tried to research this as much as I could and didn't find much so I decided to come here. Any insight you could provide would be great. Thanks!

Detailed Settings:

Internet speed paying for: 150mbps/10mbps
Ethernet speed test: 178mbps/11mbps
Proximity to Gatway: Right next to it
Band: 2.4 (disabled 5.0)
Mode: 802.11
Channel: 11
SSID Broadcast: Enabled

Misc Settings:
Block ICMP
Block Multicast
Block Peer-to-peer applications


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According to information from Comcast's technicians, the speed provided during your purchase is for hard wired internet and hence should work perfectly when using an ethernet cable between your devices. They don`t guarantee wireless internet speeds and hence the slower speed.


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Another option is to disable the WMM setting in your gateway device. This can be done by
checking on the router settings page for QOS settings,selct the submenu and select disable WMM.
Once you`ve disabled WMM perform a speed test your speeds should improve.