Wisc TV Madison, Wi - DirecTV

I would like to know, when are we getting our CBS channel back in southern Wisconsin. We keep hearing that WISC is asking for too much money. When we go to the WISC website, they say that AT&T is saying No, to everything they have offered. This is very unfair to your customers. We really enjoy some of the CBS programs, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Stephen Colbert,etc. It's getting very frustrating to go to that channel every day, and we can't watch it, yet. WISC is advising people to drop AT&T, and use a different service. That shows that there isn't a solution is the works. I don't want to change my service provider, but I want to be able to watch anything I choose, it's already very expensive to have this service, I don't want to have to buy an antenna on top of it. I don't feel that you are thinking of your customers, at all. We pay a lot for your service, we deserve to receive the programming we pay for.Thank You for listening, I hope

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