With 'Touch' canceled, will Sutherland and Fox Network reprise '24'?


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Reports this week by various news sources including E! News and Deadline.com say that Keifer Sutherland will roll on yet again as Jack Bauer.

View attachment 2340 For the past two years, Sutherland has starred in Touch for Fox in which he was a widower raising an autistic son and trying to discover the mysteries surrounding his son's state of being. That show which this season added Maria Bello and Lukas Haas to the cast never caught on and has been canceled by Fox.

The return of 24, however, would not really be a full blown new series in that it is essentially airing as the final season of the program, filmed with the sole intention of being a one-season show. The limited run of 24 replaces the movie that had been on the table for quite some time until budget and other constraints got in the way.

24 aired for eight seasons on Fox, each show an hour of time with 24 episodes equaling one day. The action was typically fast and intense.

Deadline speculates that Howard Gordon will executive produce the new season which would have its own arc without necessarily continuing any of the past plots.

The Fox Network is scheduled to announce makes its upfront announcement of its new season on Monday so no official announcements are expected until then.