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I am so angry that the money hungry Direct-TV:icon_beat::boom: has made it impossible for me, who pays a fortune every month, to watch Blacklist or any other of the NBC shows that I love. Because DTV is greedy, they refuse to pay the few extra cents my local NBC station is asking. With the fees I pay, I alone could foot the bill. We should all DENY DTV our money until they FIX THIS ISSUE!:icon_beat:


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You may be able to watch NBC (and a lot of other networks) for free with a simple and inexpensive antenna, depending on your location.


Maybe the local channel is asking to double or triple the programming fee from DTV, maybe they are the greedy ones.

Their signal is broadcast free to everyone within antenna reach.

Congress should have never given local stations the ability to extort fees from alternate carriers, who just pass it on to us.