Wlox on the Mississippi Gulf Coast was cut off - DirecTV

Ever since the U-verse merger with Direct TV my service has gotten worse. It first began with the loss of my CW network and now my local news. If this does not get solved on At&t's end I will be switching cable providers and it will not be with your partner in crime Direct tv. I can tell you one last thing you will lose a lot of customers in this viewing area. I am high displeased and am ashamed to be a an At&t customer.

This question, "Wlox on the Mississippi Gulf Coast was cut off," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

Not from MS

Stepping back in time!

This is not just an AT&T issue. This is a huge monopoly. One company should never be approved to offer both ABC and CBS. Competition is healthy! We need more diversity on the Gulf Coast.
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