WNYT Reception Problems


I am in NYC also but now I'm getting PBS better than before. Did you run a new scan after the switch? Since it wasn't available before you might need to add it now.
I lost Channel 9 and 21 though.


WNET-DT posted some information about their new signal here. The discussion about performing a "double rescan" is especially intriguing. The procedure is basically what I had to do when three of the Denver stations moved from temporary UHF channels to permanent assignments on VHF-high channels 7, 9 and 13.

If carefully following this procedure doesn't help, write back. We'll need more information to help you out, specifically:

-- Make and model of your new antenna
-- Whether it's indoors or outdoors
-- How many TVs are connected to it
-- Whether it's amplified or not, and
-- Your ZIP code for signal-strength info.