Woman robs bank to pay cable bill


Well the exact reason for the robbery isn't mentioned in the link below but WHIO tv just reported that the bill she needed to pay was for her cable!

Woman Arrested In Preble Co. Bank Robbery - News Story - WHIO Dayton

At first I thought she should have simply swiped a converter box from Best Buy...but then I realized she would have also needed to steal an antenna, coax cable, antenna mast, maybe a pre-amp, etc., so yea, it was probably better that she robbed a bank to pay her cable bill.
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Back in the late 60s and early 70s, hearing about stolen CB radio antennas was not uncommon in this region especially those on cars (I lost some) but many rooftop antennas disappeared as well. Had I found someone on my roof back then, he would have had to leave my roof without using my ladder. Regarding my TV antennas, the same goes today. Enough said.



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My Dad worked in a metal shop in the 70's and built a stainless steel weather vane. It was stolen from the top of a pole and parts strewn across the neighborhood. We collected the parts and Dad rebuilt it - with razor sharp edges. It's still on its pole today... we never looked to see if there was blood on it...

Maybe it's a good time to get out the file and "Sharpen" my OTA reception?

Back on topic, I think it's pretty amazing that the obvious solution - cut the cable - never even entered her mind.
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Amazing but I'm not surprised. Locally we had two women steal Christmas decorations from outside a home. They actually just turned themselves in yesterday. I think they missed the real point of the holiday.