Work Begins on KRKO (AM) Tower Rebuild (Reward still offered)

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Work Begins on KRKO Tower Rebuild

From the article, 08/17/2010:

"Nearly a year after vandals brought down two of the towers serving KRKO(AM), Everett, Wash., rebuilding has begun.

The Everett Herald reported that the 349- and 199-foot towers would be lifted by crane at the station’s site in Snohomish. Station President and General Manager Andy Skotdal told the paper the towers should be back up within 60 days."
From the KRKO Website:

KRKO Antenna System Destruction

For contact information or media inquiries regarding the destruction of the KRKO antenna system, please call Lora Lee at the Fearey Group: 206-550-8210.If you have information that can assist the FBI in their investigation, please call the FBI at 206-622-0460. Ask for the agent in charge of the KRKO investigation. There is a $25,000 reward for the person who provides the information that directly leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the destruction of the KRKO antenna system.
HeraldNet: Ecoterrorists claim toppling of KRKO radio towers

From the article, 09/04/2009:

"Federal agents have taken over an investigation into the destruction of two radio towers belonging to Everett radio station KRKO.

The towers were toppled early this morning and a group that practices ecoterrorism is laying claim to the act.

The toppled towers looked like a squashed Erector Set sitting in the farmlands of unincorporated Snohomish. About 50 yards away, a cloth banner was on a fence surrounding the towers.

On it was a message, apparently spray painted.

"Wassup? Sno Cty?" the sign read. "ELF."

ELF is the acronym for the Earth Liberation Front. The sign also appeared to mention by name the Skotdal family, which owns the station." ...


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I seem to remember this, along with another similar incident around the same time? These are the guys that go around slashing tires and burning SUVs. Wacko ecoterrorists of the worst kind.