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This is my first post i am a member on other sites but i just found this one so HI. I have a question. I am using by buddies reciever who lives in portland because he has the Sunday ticket. I live in Western Idaho almost on the Oregon boarder. I can get his local non HD channels (SD) but I can't get his HD locals to come in. Is the spot beam smaller for HD channels? Is there any way that I can get his locals in HD? My signal strength is on average 80% on most sats i.e. 110,119,99,103, 101. I have a slimline 5 lnb and a multiswitch. I am just wonder if ther is somthing I can tweak or something i am not doing that I should be.
I messsed with changing the zip code and the SD locals i.e. (ACB, CBs, FOX) would come in for a few seconds then disapear. The whole reason is that on the ticket the steelers gams this week will be blacked out for me because it will air on his local cbs station in portland but not on my local station here in idaho. And sincve I can't get his locals in essence i am screwed unless I find a fix. Any help would be great. TIA
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The last poster is absolutely correct: What you're doing is illegal.

For the second time this month, let me make it loud and clear:

We don't help hackers.

We don't tolerate hack talk under any circumstances.

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