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I just did a thread for the best series finale, but how about the worst? What TV series ender was a big time bummer? Again, there are a lot of candidates, but I'll start with one.

Star Trek Enterprise. Now actually, I loved it, and the reason I loved it is because I never liked Enterprise as a series. However, I adore Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the reality of the Enterprise finale is that it was an extended episode of ST:TNG, featuring Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis. Enterprise didn't end; it gave TNG fans a chance to see another episode.


They could have done that episode without the whole THG part but the fact is they thought they were going to get another season, but then got cancelled and so they had to come up with an "ending" rather quickly. I thought season 4 the show was finally coming into it's own adn wished they had another season. DS9 got what 8-9 seasons. I never could get into that show. Never watched Voyager much either but liked it better than DS9.
Star Trek Enterprise had a terrible last episode, exactly BECAUSE it was just an extended Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, which really took away from Enterprise and gave an unsatisfying ending to possibly Star Trek's most misunderstood series to date.

Had that Next Generation thing been in ANY OTHER episode, everyone would have loved it...but they didn't because it turned out to be the LAST episode.


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I'm also going to add another horrid series finale -- Stargate SG-1. Unending was a slap in the face to devoted fans who had watched from the beginning. I still know many who refuse to watch it and never have. I watched once, and that was more than enough. I actually always watch any DVD I buy quickly to make sure it's okay. I'm fanatical about it, but when I got the S10 set, I never went to that track. It's a disgusting, twisted show that made only a small portion of fans happy.


I've probably said this before but I still remember how awful the finale to "The Sopranos" was. I guess I remember it so well because it was my favorite show for the longest time and I figured it would go out with a bigger bang.


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I've read about that and saw the scene on magazine shows, but I never watched that series. If I had, I would have hated the finale.

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