worst service and customer support - DirecTV

I began service in August 2012.

During this time frame, I have had a series of issues with either the internet service or the u-verse service on the following dates (as provided by the technical support team, although i believe there are more):

Most recently, one of the receivers was unable to hold the signal which occured on 10/29. I contacted techinical support via chat. The short version is that I was lied to by the agent and my issue was not resolved as guaranteed by the agent.

On 10/30, I contacted the technical support team again and explained the issue again. I was transferred to a supervisor and was told that I needed to be transferred yet again to another support representative. At that time, said supervisor told me he would call back after the service to follow up. That never occured. After being transferred to another support representative, a service technician was scheduled for that day which should have happened the previous day.

Upon arrival with replacement receivers, the technician informed me that the current gateway was most likely refurbished as the date for the equipment was May 2014 (I believe the gateway was replaced on 8/30/15 which means the equipment was already out of date). The gateway was replaced and none of the receivers were replaced.

Within an hour of the technician leaving, the receiver that I had an issue with lost signal again during the World Series. At 10pm, the internet service also dropped out at which time I contacted support for the third time.

On 10/31, the receiver/tv in question experienced on and off stutters. Around 11a, another technician arrived and made some adjustments with the both the gateway and the receivers. From what I understand, there was an upgrade and some of the receivers out there were sticking and not completing the upgrade. Again, the receivers were not replaced.

Both last night and this morning, the receiver that has been experiencing issues lost the signal AND did a spontaneous restart disrupting the television viewing.

The service I have received to this point has been unacceptable.

This question, "worst service and customer support," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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