Worst TV Shows Ever!


LOL, "Mama's Family"?? My mom loves that show and "Mr. Belvedere" was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. How dare they. ;)

Most of them I've never heard of though. :p


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Hits and misses. I disagree on Petticoat Junction, which had a nice long run and was a wonderful family show. While I didn't like Life with Lucy and agree it was horrible, I don't think it did a thing to "tarnish" Lucy's legacy. Is that guy a nut? She's a legend. It didn't affect her one bit. Finally, I loved Cop Rock. That show was ahead of its time. The rest are pretty spot on.


I'm thinking that the author tried to put shows on the list that people have heard of. If there were a bunch of no name shows that lasted like 1 or 2 episodes than nobody would want to read the article.


Barney? are you kidding me kids loved that and the company made tons in image licensing. Half those shows I never even heard of so I can't say if they were or weren't, It did seem though back in the day that BJ and the Bear had been a pretty popular show. If this is their worst list I would love to see their best list


The XFL may have been silly, but it was no more so than, say, SeaQuest DSV, which didn't make the list. Quick: Name a memorable character from each, or someone whose career started in the series. XFL had running back Rod Smart, aka He Hate Me, who went on to play in the Super Bowl for the Carolina Panthers a year after the XFL collapsed; a number of other XFL players got picked up by NFL teams as well. SeaQuest? Neither gratuitous references to sci-fi staples such as Star Trek, nor a guest appearance by Bill Shatner, could save this towering mountain of cliches from itself. It's far better known for ending Roy Scheider's career than it is for starting anyone else's.


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Some of the shows on that list are bad but iconic. My Mother the Car is often requested. After all, people talk to their cars all the time. Okay, so it's unusual for a guy's mom to come back as a car, but Ann Sothern is Ann Sothern. LOL