Question: Would a Satnav or mobile car antenna work with my DTV?

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:welcome: lilliearly,

Neither antenna you mentioned is appropriate to use for OTA DTV. What make/model TV set do you have and if it has a single telescopic whip antenna, have you tried to remove it? It may be plugged into an antenna input socket that can be used for other antennas or cable TV. Please advise,



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This brings up a couple of things about MDTV that need to be discussed.

One, is that some MDTV sets - and some "Portable" non-MDTV sets - come with a built in antenna ONLY and no way to connect to any other antenna. We need to steer people away from these sets because the built in and / or included antennas are pretty much useless. Maybe a list of "not recommended" products would be a good idea.

And the other is, of course, what WOULD be a good antenna for mobile / portable applications. Has anyone tried a car installation? How well does it work when driving, and is it even worth putting one in a car?

For my portable (non-MDTV) sets, I'm making a 2-bay antenna that should be good for camping, etc, but probably not a good design for a car. I'll let you know how that project turns out.

Any ideas or recommendations?