Would you ever use your HD TV as a PC monitor?


With computers being used more and more in the average American household and with the popularity of LCD monitors increasing nearly daily (better resolution, not as bulky as the CRT ones we used before), lots of PC owners (gamers mostly, but Internet TV fans as well) are using their big HD TVs as computer monitors.

I myself have not done this, especially now that I have a laptop that I use more than I do a desktop model, but I'm curious...how many of you have or would use an HD TV as a PC monitor? Why or why not?


It's not a continual thing, but every so often I do use the HDMI port on my laptop, mostly to project development work up on a big screen so co-workers can follow along.


I have three that I use like this. The first Samsung LCD I bought has PIP (Picture In Picture). Although I don't use it much, it is very flexible and you can surf the web and watch TV on the PIP or vice versa. On the main level and seconds story of my home are newer identical Samsung 19" LCD TVs that have PIP. They will only allow the PIP to be TV and the PC as the main, but that is fine with me. I have each one set up pretty similarly. They are driven by a DISH network 622 satellite receiver, but each also has a digital to analog converter box. Unfortunately, it seems like the PIP function has become uncommon. As I type this, I have the local news in the PIP in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


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40 to 42 inch LCDs are great for this purpose they have the best pixel size and screen size to $ ratio.

Yes, in a heartbeat, they are after all LCD monitors. However many TVs do not do 1:1 pixel mapping with no "overscan." Without this, menu bars like at the bottom of Windows XP can be cut in half or completely dissappear.