Wow! All 5 Star Trek Captains to appear Together!


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Now this is gonna be awesome for Trek fans. All 5 -- yep, all FIVE -- of the Star Trek captains are going to appear at the first Star Trek convention to be held in London in a decade. They are actually going to be on the same stage, at the same time! That's a coup for the convention organizers as it has never happened before anywhere.

For the record and the uninitiated, that means seeing William Shatner, Sir Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, and and Scott Bakula side by side. I"m excited and I won't even see it (unless someone puts it on youtube).

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I loved the original pilot. I'm a huge fan of Jeffrey Hunter, and I thought he was an awesome Kirk. He was not fired from the part, though. He was simply not available when they went for the pilot part 2 so the character had to be recast and Shatner got the part. The second pilot was the biggest possible break for Leonard Nimoy who ended up with an elevated role since the networks objected to an intelligent woman being second in command. Poor Majel Barrett was relegated to a blonde nurse with a recurring role.

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True, Majel Barrett was reduced in 'stature' in the original series and she ended up marrying Gene Roddenbury. She had a follow-up role as the computer's voice in The Next Generation. A great legacy!



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I believe she actually did the computer voice in all of the Trek spin offs. Plus, she had the colorful role of Troi's mom in TNG. She was definitely a presence in the ST universe.