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Ok well since I can't seem to get anywhere on there phone or at&t website I guess I have to let the world know how a costumer was treated after only being with at&t for three days and spending more then 7 hours on the phone and getting transfered from rep to rep then to management only to be placed on hold for so long that I'm redirected to anotheread rep only to be told " I'm so sorry that happened but maybe I can help". AT&T is this really how you treat customers? So let me start from the beginning on the 15th I went into an "authorized AT&T Dealer" asked for Direct tv And Wireless service bundle to which iwas told that a deposit was required. I initially went in to the store for 3 phones and Direct TV. I told that 1 phone and Direct TV would cost 304.59 that day but two more would be somewhere in the 7 to 8 hundreds but if I waited and got them online it would be cheaper. ( really?) So anyways I get the galaxy S7 active and Direct TV. The dealers system froze on him and he sits on the phone for 45 minutes with tech support( or so i thought )Mind you that my son whom is 1 is screaming he's tired hungry and just aso mad as can be so I ask the dealer if I could pay him and go home. (Services were already on) he takes my card charges it for 304.59 I get an invoice and walk out the door with my phone. Not really thinking about it but I also never signed a contract or went over anything with him that I should have.( screaming babies will drive anyone crazy) I was told that I was going to be able to use hotspot so that my wife and uncle whom has a brain tumor but still enjoys the little things in like like funny YouTube videos to surf the Internet. ( here's where it all started down hillhill) <br>11/16/2016<br>turn on hotspot to let the family play for awhile and it prompts me to call 611 so I do. The rep tells me that on the unlimited data plan mobile hotspot is not available I'm a little upset but hey everyone makes mistakes. I ask the rep if he could possibly tell me when the DirecTV was going to be installed. He said sure no problem. He then proceeds to tell me that he has no record of DirecTV account. Now wait a minute he just told me I'm on the unlimited data plan which only comes with DirecTV. Do you really think I'm that stupid? Apparently he did. I proceed to tell him that there is no way I don't have DirecTV because I have a Uverse account and unlimited data. (There should have been a light bulb that went off in his head but it must have burnt out. Here's your sign...) I spend a good hour with this rep trying to get things figured out with no luck and wind up asking for a manager. He transfered me to the ISM department and I speak with a miss Valerie ID number VS9313. ( At this point I'm already on the phone for almost 3 hours) she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She understands the issue and begins to try to resolve the issue. She tells me that there is no account for services and there is no record of any payment made at all because her system is telling her that there is no required deposit. Boy I lost my cool right there. (did I get jacked by the dealer? GOOD SHOW, SPOT ON. ) Now mind you I have an invoice number and approval number, but that does no good. She proceeds to tell me that she is going to make this all right and do good by me. She tells me have a promotion going on that you get a free iPhone 7 with the Directv bundle. (why was I not told this by the dealer it's not a Samsung Galaxy but my wife would still have used it for the time being. So in order to make it right she was going to basiclly start all over.<br>She was going to send me 2 Galaxy S7 actives and a iPhone 7 at no charge because again my wife did not require a depsit. AND for all the truble I was cused she was giving us a free samsung talet ( the newest one) and dirctv.she was also going to waive all fees and she was going to credit my account 25 dollars. ( amazing so far right or so I thought this lady here is really going to make it all better Not!!!!!!!! As soon as we start talking to dirctv rep my phone hung up don't know why tho. have tried everything to get her back on the line which is impossible and all the reps and supervisors keep telling that she made no notes of the things she promiced me to make things right. ( yall must really belive that costumers are just stupid as dogsdogs huh?) I know that there is a ID number and a recording of my call with her as well don't act like you have no proof. Be honest and just tell me your to lazy to look it up and what you really want to say is we don't give two cares about you just keep sending us your money. I have sence then downloded a phone recording app and have been hung up on, placed on hold for long periods of time only to be redirected and lost in the system. I have been promiced alot of things that have not the been followed. I have given more then enough chances and time to yall. More then a lot of people would have. I'm beyond angry. This is it if I can't get my issue solved today I will take necessary actions. My father has been with at&t for 15 years I know yall are better then this atlest I hope so. Do feel free to email me or call 254_334_8523 that's the account # as well. I have over 10 recorded phone calls to at&t all are very long and most reps are just plain disrespectful. I want what was promiced and my 304.59 back. Let's see how much at&t really cares about there costumers. <br>Share and share this please make this post go to the higher ups in At&t I'm not rich but I do what I can to make my family a little happy I could have put that money that was stolen from me to better use. Please make this right I want to cancel my contract but will if need be.

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