Today is January 1st. My bill is due by the 8th. I am giving you 7 days. If AT&T continues to use its customers as pawns in an attempt to extort more money from WSB-TV, I WILL CANCEL MY ACCOUNT. Period.

As an AT&T retiree using retiree benefits for UVerse TV, Internet & Home Phone, I will have no problem foregoing those benefits until such time AT&T stops this game of corporate chicken. Won't miss the landline. Can get Internet & TV elsewhere.

I am but one customer, but one of how many? Does AT&T have too many customers in metro Atlanta & surrounding area? More business than you can handle? Can't handle the workload? Are you trying to increase XFINITY's customer base? XFINITY could not have started a better marketing program, LOL!

I refuse to be a pawn so AT&T can satisfy its corporate greed. Either restore WSB or lose my business. That simple.


This question, "WSB ATLANTA," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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