WSJ Video Plugs Free Over The Air TV


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I wish they'd stop with the "rabbit ears" thing. Rabbit ears suck for UHF, and for pretty much all channels anyplace 20+ miles from the transmitter - and people are going to go dig out their old rabbit ears with no uhf loop or a very poor one, and be very disappointed.

"Antenna" is the word they're looking for.


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What also amazes me is the lack of research put into these things. When the comentator in the second video mentions live sports he talks about the NFL. There is less NFL football on cable than any other sport, and most of the "cable" games end up being carried by local stations in their home markets. If you want to talk about live sports that are only available on pay TV you need to talk about late season NASCAR races and local NBA and NHL games. The NFL is still mostly free, and the NFL likes it that way because it ensures the largest audience.
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