WSOC (ABC, Charlotte) Missing 5.1 Audio In Primetime - Time Warner TV

This question is about "WSOC (ABC, Charlotte) Missing 5.1 Audio In Primetime", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. As stated for live/recorded primetime content - has been going on for nearly a month now. AC3/5.1 encoded but with only 2.0 channels.

Seems to be all content getting a national feed - commercials rarely have (very reduced in terms of volume/presence) 5.1 for a moment or three.

Daytime seems to be fine.

On Demand primetime content has full (channels/volume/etc) AC3/5.1 encoding without issue.

WCCB (CW) and WCNC (NBC) recently had some audio issues (broken/interrupted/dropping) that were fixed, but around the same time WSOC (ABC) primetime seems to have dropped down to 2.0 in the AC3/5.1 container.

Only noticed it from recordings and due to the recent WCCB/WCNC audio issues.

Anyone else experiencing this?

This topic covered WSOC (ABC, Charlotte) Missing 5.1 Audio In Primetime, and TWC cable tv service.

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