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What do you guys think about dtvanswers.com? It's NAB's (National Association of Broadcaster's) webpage for the DTV transition.

Over the past few months, I've seen a ton of advertisements on TV for http://www.dtvanswers.com which I'm guessing they had a pretty big budget as far as "getting the message" out about DTV, and the basic layout of the webpage seems user friendly, but it just doesn't look very authoritive. While we're discussing authoritve websites, I think the FCC's DTV page needs a little refreshing too.


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DTV questions www

I can't find any useful help there. I called in to the TV shows twice and was told that a technician would call me back....never happened! All I wanted to know was how or IF I would be able to program digital channels to record shows when I'm out!!!??? Their is no decimal option. I use an antenna only.

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What I like about dtvanswers.com

The website layout and navigation is simple and easy to use. The first 3 paragraphs tell a first time visitor the most important things about the digital transition.

1. When is the digital transition
2. What is the digital transition
3. What can be done to get ready for DTV

This page: DTV Answers : How do I switch to DTV? is one of the best resources on the net in regards to providing different scenarios (such as: if your TV is connected to rabbit ear antennas, or if your TV is connected to pay cable TV service) on what a consumer needs to do to upgrade to DTV.

What I think dtvanswers.com could improve

I'd like to see more antenna information and resources. DTV Reception will probably be one of the biggest complaints after the digital transition in Feb. 2009.