www.netflix.com/activate - How to activate a device?


I bought a new television set which has Netflix as a built-in app. I'm having problems trying to activate the TV when I go to www.netflix.com/activate. How do I activate the TV so that Netflix works with my current Netflix account? Or do I have to have a separate Netflix account for my TV?

Thomas G

What part of the activation process is giving you a problem? You won't need a separate Netflix account for the TV if you already have an existing Netflix account.

For starters, you'll want to make sure the TV is connected to your wifi network and that your Internet service is working correctly. Are you able to connect to any other apps that use the Internet?

When you go to the Netflix app on your TV, does it give you an activation code? This is the code you're need to enter when you log in to netflix.com through your computer and add a device.

For step-by-step directions on adding a device, see this post: http://www.dtvusaforum.com/internet-tv/46468-how-activate-netflix-tv.html
For activating a device with Netflix, you'll first need an account. The Netflix activation page will ask for username and password if you already have an account, or recommend that you signup for their service if you're not a member yet.

You'll only need one Netflix account for all of your devices. In fact, you can activate and connect as many devices as you want to your Netflix account. Depending on the membership you have, you'll be limited on how many devices you watch simultaneously with Netflix service.


Activation code

How do I get an activation code for my device outside the USA. I have a Netflix account however I'm not able stream from my Philips Blu-ray player, as the say I can in my area?