WYFF NBC Greenville - DirecTV

So... I just received notice in my DirecTV bill saying my monthly cost will be going up. I currently pay AT&T/DirecTV over $320 per month before the increase. NOW DirecTV has decided not to continue the contract with WYFF NBC in Greenville SC. So who is loosing out? ME! The consumer! I am paying MORE and getting LESS!

Is DirecTV going to give me another NBC station or reduce my bill until the two children make up?

These are the two choices I see at this point.

I DO expect a response from you about this issue

Steve Ehney
DirecTV customer for 20+ years

This question, "WYFF NBC Greenville," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Can't record the Blacklist...big problem

Can't believe this WYFF and Directv problem screwing customers because of their greed. Changed from Charter to Directv a few months back...what a mistake. WYFF stated we could watch over the air programming...well duh huh...I can't record anything from over the air. Let me see...I need to go out and buy a TIVO to watch a few shows on NBC,,,I don't think so...WOW...

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