X-Files question


No spoilers please. I am just getting around to watching the series. I watched two SD episodes on Netflix. Interesting. Here are a few questions.

1. Does every episode end with a closed case?
2. Does every new episode open with a new case?
3. Do the episodes ever refer to past cases I will have watched?

In other words, does this show just repeat, repeat every episode or does it develop into anything more than "another" episode. Kinda like a modern Dragnet.

No spoilers. I will want to watch some more episodes.



There are character developments over a long period of episodes, season to season. Most of the shows are stand alone plots, but they do tie together eventually. Great show!
Good questions! Like most US TV series from the '90s onwards, the storytelling is a combination of stand-alone episodes and ongoing story arcs. Typically in The X-Files each season will have self-contained Dragnet-style episodes alternating with episodes that refer back to stories from past episodes and seasons, although if it's just a matter of telling a story that's longer than one episode, it will probably more likely be a multi-part episode. There are also sequels to earlier episodes featuring returning characters as the series goes on.