X1 and Internet Outages



Hello, I’m writing because I have recently been having issues with my X1 service and internet. I recently upgraded to the 4K DVR (AX014ANM) and the rest of the house has three different boxes (two PXD01ANI and one CXD01ANI). For a while I have been having intermittent internet outages (I own my own modem) that the X1 Service seems to go down. I usually get the RDK-03033 error. When the internet’s on the service seems to work well but when it goes down the X1 goes down. What I’m wondering is the service connected to the internet outages I have experienced with my cable modem? Should I change my modem to see if the service works and if so does it need to be the xfi modem?

I should add that I have one TiVo and during these internet outages (which prevent things like changing the channels) works fine.

"X1 and Internet Outages," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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