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Hello Comcast nerds! Looking for some help with audio issues I've been having for years.

On some HD channels my audio gets out of sync. The channels this happens on most often are TBS, TNT, MTV, TRU and Comedy. It does happen on others as well, but these are the ones that happen enough to be noticeable. When watching these channels, the audio will start to get ahead of the video. This is not a consistent delay. It may start by just a few milliseconds, but can get as wide as several seconds.

I can temporarily fix this by changing the auto format on the cable box/TV/ or sound bar. But it will go out of sync again within 30 minutes or faster.

This is only an issue on live, HD stream. DVR or Ondemand are fine. Applications on the X1 box are fine. TV built in Apps work fine. Xbox, Apple TV, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch all work fine. The audio issues only exist on live streams on certain channels.

I have rebooted the X1 box several times. I've replaced every cable. I have swapped out the box itself. Ive tried using my TV speakers and my sound bar. Nothing has fixed this.

It appears to happen when something between the breaks changes. I can see the status lights flash like it's detecting a change

My setup:

X1 4K DVR: XG1v4 (AX014AN) Firmare 106.1.1

TV: Vizio M50-D1 (4K UHD)

Sound Bar: Vizio 5.1 V2.6.2.1

X1 --> TV HDMI (input 2) --> Sound Bar Optical

Ive seen other posts where people have had a similar issue, but never found the answer.

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