X1 box problems



I switched to X1 voice boxes in August 2019. These boxes are giving me problems I've never had in the 30 years before. Two significant unacceptable problems: 1. Channel 233 (CBS) freezes 10 or 15 times every hour on all TVs. I have switched the main box around and still have the freezing on all TVs. 2. On the most used TV, the sound on all channels drops out about every 3 days and the only way to get it back is to unplug the X1 box and plug it back in and wait the 2 or 3 minutes till it reboots. I'm going to try switch the main X1 box to this TV and the small X1 box to where the Main Box was and leave it that way for a week to see if I still loose volume on that TV. I bought this TV at the same time I switched to X1 voice. I have had online help 5 times and 3 technicians to the house and they can not find anything wrong. I have asked to have it elevated to the engineering department, but this has not happened yet, and no one is following up to at least pretend the Comcast cares about this problem. The last tech moved the Comcast moca filter from the down pole to just inside my house. I saw one response here in the forum that said the moca filter needs to be at the input to the zero loss amp. Has anyone ever seen my problem before? Got a fix? I have two X1 voice boxes and three small regular auxilery boxes.

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