X1 DVR Thinks it's a Cloud DVR



So I recorded the season premier of Krypton on Syfy last night. As I was watching other programs I saw the recording light come on, and checking the menu after recording I could see the physical recording on my Arris XG1V3 DVR box.

Woke up this morning and noticed there was no '% full' lisitng under my recording menu. It just listed 1 recording without % used info. I then noticed that my Krypton episode had become a cloud recording as when I watched it had the cloud symbol showing in the corner. Inferior picture quality and only 2.0 sound. I did a quick dummy recording this morning and noticed while it recorded to my DVR, the %full info was no longer showing. It still only shows the # of programs recorded without the showing the space used.

I rebooted the box and % used info came back. I cleared all the recorded shows and will try some additional recording tests today.

There seems to be a lot of X1 platform outages/issues recently and I even got service credit due to a major X1 platform issue a couple weeks back. My equipment and signal levels are fine and everything appears to be working OK except for the X1 interface and how it's been handling DVR recordings.

Is there a point where Comcast will make it known that they're messing around with the X1 platform and the DVR recording as they're trying to switch everyone over to cloud recording? I've had a bunch of X1 platform service issues over the past few months along with plenty of other folks. Custoer service appears to be oblivious and only want to swap equipment.

Is there another X1 platform issue in my area again? The last few times this happened Comcast wanted to swap my equipment or send a tech only to admit later that there were issues with the X1 platform

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