X1 Guide guide (movie view) problem



Not sure when this started, maybe with the 101.1.5 release on 8/5/19

but my program guide in the movie view runs off the right of my screen.

Happens when you do the "View All xx" which you have to do to see all movies when there are more than 13(?) in the given time slot.

I go into the sub view where it shows many rows until you see all the movies. The old view showed 5 across and as many rows as needed. Now it is more. There are at least 7. I see 6 entries and a sliver of the seventh. I don't know of course how many more I might be missing. Tried support and got nowhere. This started on all boxes for me.

Anyone else having this problem?


"X1 Guide guide (movie view) problem," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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