X1 Main Box Stuck On Welcome Screen



Hi, I'm hoping someone will have some advice b/c I've been going on almost a month without TV now. On 01/06, we had a power outage and my main X1 Box (the 4k XG1v4) is now stuck on the welcome screen. I've unplugged it for a few hours, plugged it back in for a few days...it won't get past the Welcome screen.

On 01/07, I chatted with an agent via the Xfinity Assistant and they were going to send me a replacement box. Everything seemed fine and I got the order confirmation email.

On 01/14, I had not received a shipping notification, so I called customer service and the agent (who was actually very friendly) said that my order was messed up and he would order me a new one. Got the confirmation email again so thought I was all set since I actually talked to an agent this time.

On 01/27 I still hadn't received a shipping notificaiton, so I called yet again and spoke to another agent. They said for "some reason" my order was cancelled and they would order me a replacement box and should get a shipping email within a couple of days.

Well, as of 02/01 I still haven't received any shipping emails, and I'm about to lose my mind. What in the world do I need to do so that I can get a replacement XG1v4 shipped to me? Any help at all would be much appreciated as I'm at my wit's end. Thanks All.

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