X1 Mess - Line Tech Needed?



My next-door neighbor and I liave in a duplex in different apartments. We have separate Comcast wiring and are individually connected to the same pole.

On any given day and at random times (lately mostly at night), we both get a complete video and audio breakup or our X1 TV service, lasting anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. At no time is the internet affected.

We are confident the problem lies somewhere outside. When it occurs, it starts and stops at exactly the same time for both of us. Inside wiring and equipment's already been swapped out. We don't have a DVR but do have cellphone videos clearly showing the issue simultaneously in both apartments.

1. Is there a way to directly get a line tech or do we first have to have an inside tech to refer the issue?

2. Since we're in the same dwelling (but different apartments), with the exact same issue (totally separate hook-ups), can we do a combined trouble call and how is that set up?

This intermittent problem is extremely aggravating because of the random nature. We are looking for the simplest, most direct way of getting it resolved.

Advice appreciated.

"X1 Mess - Line Tech Needed?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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