X1 Netflix app plays SD shows as 16:9 stretch



On behalf of the many of us experiencing this super annoying problem, official acknowledgement of this it by Xfinity would be greatly appreciated.

A few months ago (perhaps around May?), SD programs on the X1 Netflix app started playing SD shows as 16:9 stretch instead of 4:3 pillarbox. I have tried everything people have suggested on forums, but I can’t make it stop doing it. It happens on all 4 TVs in my house across three different X1 boxes, so it is not the TVs. This has to be an Xfinity issue, as it was all working fine and then on day broke on every box.

To experience the problem yourself on an X1 system, watch S1:E1 of Star Trek The Next Generation.

Device Models

Netflix version
nrdapp 2018.1.4.0

"X1 Netflix app plays SD shows as 16:9 stretch," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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