X1 Netflix settings .. STOP AUTOPLAY



We have had Netflix for years -- on our NETFLIX Profile - AUTO PREVIEW and AUTO PLAY are **NOT** checked.

On ALL devices - Tivo, phone, Alptop computer -- this is fine

On new Xfinity X1 DVR box (installed Sat May 16) -- Linked Netflix account -- Set up/activated to our current account --

when browsing Netflix shows on the X1 DVR --It starts playing the next episode -- even whne just trying to re description when still on screen that shows options For "episode 1" or "More Episodes" etc... Whay does the X1 box not recognize the Netflix settings to NOT AUTOPLAY ?

I have reset the X1 box -- we have "reset Netflix" through the X1 help menu, We have Signed out, unplugged. replugged the X1 dvr, re-logged into Netflix -- same behavoir.

"X1 Netflix settings .. STOP AUTOPLAY," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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