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I've had a residential Comcast X1 TV and internet package for many years. I like the ability of the X1 box to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. It's one remote and most importantly, it's how my family knows how to use the system. I know that many of the X1 streaming apps rely on an internet connection. I understand the X1 boxes have some kind of internal internet modem to do this. With a combined residential TV and internat package, I know that this all happens pretty seamlessly all over the same physical coax cable.

Recently, due to working from home and my changing internet needs, I "upgraded" to a Comcast business internet plan and dropped my Xfinity residential internet plan. The business internet migration was pretty seamless. Same physical coax as before, and really just a reboot of my modem and reassignment of its MAC address to the new business service. It was all handled behind the scenes in the Comcast network. That same physical coax now carried both the business internet traffic, as well as the existing X1 TV service. (As additional information, I was told I needed to set up a new business account for the business internet. So I have two accounts linked to the same physical address and same physical coax line coming into the house. One account for the residential X1 TV service and one account for the business internet.)

Now however, since my residential X1 TV service account does not have an internet plan linked to it anymore, none of the X1 streaming apps work anymore. They all give an error that "an internet plan is required for this service". I also have a few odd issues with being able to stream DVR content to an internet device before the recording is finished (due to no internet plan).

Comcast business tells me I must address this issue with Xfinity residential. Xfinity residential keeps trying to sell me an additinal internet plan, which is completely worthless since I already have business internet on the same exact same coax line.

Surely there must be some way for Comcast to address this issue on its back end. Some way to flag my X1 TV service that there is, in fact, internet on that coax going into my X1 boxes. Some way to provision that X1 TV service to link with my business internet IP (or whatever it does). It's the same exact physical coax!

I would imagine I can't be the only one with this issue. Although it seems that Comcast separates its residential tech support from its business tech support, surely there must be some point high enough where some tech would have access to both of these areas. Seems strange to be spending MORE money now with Comcast, but getting less out of it.

Any assistance Comcast can offer would be greatly appreciate!

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