X1 signal pixelating, then freezing, then no signal



My picture begins to randomly pixelate/audio drops in and out in the early afternoon. It starts slowly and increases until unwatchable. Sometimes the picture will freeze and/or screen will go black. Then I get a whole host of error messages when tuning to other channels, mostly XRE 00021 and XRE 03059. Happens on all channels I check, some worse than others. This can last from a couple of minutes per episode to 15 minutes, and then picture will be perfect again. This happens 2-3 times an hour. This lasts all afternoon/early evening and begins to improve around 9-10. There are never any issues in the morning.

I have a non-DVR X1 box and 1 satellite X1 box and 1 Gateway modem. Main line splits at the box outside, which has a Comcast installed amp. All lines then run directly to wall outlets. No further splits. I replaced all the wall to device coax with cable that came with the X1 equipment. I have done the all the reboot/refresh/reconnect drills.

From Diagnostics/Summary/In-Band Network, when picture is good, all my 4 Tuners SNR (db) values are between 39.2 and 40.3. Carrier Locks all = found. When picture is frozen or black screen all drop to SNR = 0.0 with some Carrier Locks = waiting. No significant or zero difference in the other values on this screen.

From System/DOCSIS, the measurements don't change whether good or bad picture. Downstream Power = 2.1. Downstream SNR = 40.3. Upstream Power = 42.3. These seem to be in spec from what I have read here.

All these measurements were taken within a few minutes of going good to bad about 5:30pm. Anyone have an idea of probable cause here beyond just a signal issue. I am going to schedule a tech, just want to be informed before they arrive. Thanks for your time.

Bad picture In-Band Network First and good second:

"X1 signal pixelating, then freezing, then no signal," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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