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I currently have a Cisco RNG200N (non X1) dvr/cable box that has, so I've been told by Comcast, a 500gb hard drive. Practically everything I record is hi def and I soon realized after purchase that 500gb wasn't big enough. In 2013 I purchased and installed a Western Digital SATA external hard drive that increased my storage capacity to 1.5tb and I haven't had a "storage capacity" issue since. Unfortunately I can't be as positive regarding issues with the dvr's that Comcast furnishes. I am now on my third machine and it is just as problematic as the ones before it. I'm reluctant to have it replaced because it seems to me all Comcast does is replace one machine with another that is refurbished and usually no better than the machine it replaced. Those replacement machines are usually wrapped in plastic I assume to give the appearance they are new, but according to one or more technicians they are refurbished. I wouldn't have a problem with being issued a refurbished machine IF it worked as designed; this is not to say that I wouldn't have the same problems with a new machine. I just don't like having to pay what you charge for a machine that doesn't work as it should.

So now I'm wondering if switching to an X1 dvr would would be less problematic and if so, will the external hard drive work with it enabling me to increase my storage capacity like it does now with my current machine.

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