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Comcast has informed us that we won't be able to get our international channels (France5, RAI, Globo) after the end of Feb 2020 unless we upgrade our cable boxes.

So, we ordered the new X1 boxes and have some questions:

1. The new boxes have no inputs (HDMI) for a DVR. Does this mean that if we update our cable equipment we will no longer be able to record programs to our DVRs? (Yes, I know one can pay for DVR capability from Comcast, but we want to be able to record to our own equipment.)

2. There is a master and "slave" boxes for additional TVs. Does this mean that if the master dies or had a problem, all of the cable boxes will die?

"X1 TV Box - Several Questions - New User," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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