Xbox 360, which one to get ?


We had an Xbox 360 previously. I can't remember what kind it was but it was broken during a move :(. Anyhow, I was thinking of getting my husband a new one for Christmas since he absolutely loves Halo and it is not quite as pricey at the PS3. Well, at least I thought it wasn't as pricey but I also noticed that there are different kinds. I guess one is a basic version, which costs the least. Then there is an Elite and then something else, with each one having a different price.

My question is what is the difference between the three and is the more pricey ones really necessary? Of course I'd like the get the one that is priced the lowest, but not if we are going to have to end up spending more anyways for memory, accessories, etc. that may come with the higher priced ones.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Do not get the arcade version. That one does not have a hard drive which means you can only save a few games to memory and you cannot play online. I recently bought the pro version with a 30 GB hard drive.


Ok, the arcade one is definitely one I want to avoid. Thanks for the tips you two. I think I am gonna go ahead and go with the Pro seems to be right in the middle.
I would get the pro version, that is the one that I'm looking at to get my boyfriend for christmas...he's been wanting either an xbox or ps3 for the longest time...not like he really plays them that often...but oh well boys will be boys

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