Xbox One full of potential with voice command and gesture control

Want to switch from gaming to streaming TV with the latest and greatest Xbox One? Just tell it what you want. More than using voice commands, it will obey motions and gestures because of the Kinect system that is now standard with every new Xbox One console.

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It is being called the all-in-one entertainment system with advanced interactivity. Microsoft gives examples of Skype chats while watching the football game. Plus, the Game DVR will allow simple sharing of game highlights or instructional tutorials. Updates are essentially in real-time too since the Xbox One is part of the cloud.

Designed from the ground up

The latest gaming, or more appropriately, Entertainment box by Microsoft was built from the ground up and boasts 8 cores of processing power which has the side benefit of fast switching between games and entertainment apps like streaming TV.

With HDMI pass-thru technology, switching inputs are a thing of the past as you can connect the cable and satellite box directly to the Xbox One. It comes standard with 8GB of RAM and a half terabyte hard drive. No more DVD player needed for this device, because it comes with a backwards compatible Blu-ray player.

A machine for non-gamers too

The One is such a well-rounded (in terms of features, not design) machine that even non-gamers can make the purchase and still feel they got their money's worth. Microsoft is on record for saying that more than 50% of the use of it's previous console is spent consuming streaming music and TV.

The Xbox One makes it even easier than before for streaming media to the TV set. Picture-in-picture and simultaneous streaming is a snap and new content can be pulled into each "picture" using voice commands.

As mentioned, existing cable and satellite TV accounts can be brought into the system for live TV watching. The shows available through the accounts are brought up on the Xbox TV Guide Tivo style. And it requires very little effort, and a simple voice command, to switch between game play and TV watching.

Minority Report style movements and the latest rendition of the Microsoft Kinect allows full control over the TV via the One. Searching content and switching channels is done by motion or voice.

The NFL and Microsoft announced a long term agreement for interactive football games on the One and Microsoft's Surface table machine. And on one single screen, football fans will be able to chat with other fans while watching the game, view stats, get real-time highlights, plus obtain fantasy football info for teams and players.

Streaming TV with Xbox One

There has been no official list of streaming apps that will be available on the One upon launch. But if Microsoft wants this to be the ultimate gaming maching it seems there is no reason why it won't be chock full of streaming choices, paid and free.

With some of the official screenshots though, we are provided a preview of what is to be expected. As expected, Netflix will make the premier. Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Crackle, and The CW showed their app-faces as well.
The official word of what streaming video on demand apps to expect is yet to come.
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