Xbox One+ HomeWorX HW150PVR OTA box


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Use your Xbox One to control your HomeWorX PVR?

Disclaimer: I have not tried this - I don't own an Xbox One, but I found this online. Looks pretty cool...
Here's setup and a short demo of using the HomeWorx HW150PVR OTA (over the air) box on the Xbox One. It's pretty good for voice commands even for this $35 no-name box. Yeah, the HomeWorX UI is pretty darn ugly but functional. The big white boxes is to cover up my name. So if you're a cable cutter and using an antenna, the HomeWorX is not a bad option, especially for $35.


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Don't talk to loud, the X-box might hear you!!!

Fairly slow in changing channels. I still like my remote, though the "Watch Magnum P.I." command was quite interesting.