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This question is about "Xbox server disconnects on wired and wireless", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hello,

About two weeks ago I started having issues with staying connected to EA battlefield V servers. At first I thought that it was a problem for DICE or EA to solve, but after recent game updates the problem persists. I am able to load into a given server but I'm kicked within 5 minutes, every game. The in-game diagnostics gave a steady latency around 32, while the packet loss will rise to about 1.2 , I will then be kicked from the game. Download/upload speeds are always good on Network Statistics, NAT is open. I have seemingly perfect connectivity on wireless and wired conects.

It seems like everything points to the issue coming down to EA or DICE servers.... but what's weird is that I am able to use my 4G hotspot to play BFV. With almost triple the latency and significantly lower download/ upload speeds, my Phone's hotspot will allow me to stay on the servers.

Another interesting find is that I am able to play all other games on wifi without a problem. I've tried Xbox's troubleshoot guide & EA's....tried port forwarding and pretty much everything else. For SOME REASON my wifi will not allow me to play battlefield, the only way to stay connected is by using 4G data.

Any thoughts or possible fixes? All staff members on other forums tell me that it's my ISP, and that i probably need new router/modem but i have a Ubee E31U2V1 router, which is supposed to be newer - also gets great speeds and connectivity, Just not on my favorite game.

I am going to try the xbox on someone else's wifi to see if the problem subsides, I will update this post tomorrow.

Thank you

Xbox server disconnects on wired and wireless?

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