Will smith

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I loved the movie "Xena" a lot :D But the ending was not good , The ending was what ruined the movie for me.

Anybody ever miss the TV show? How about another Xena in place of the original cast?


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I haven't even thought of Xena for ages.

I loved the show when I was a kid, if for nothing else, it was fun to see a chick beating the s**t out of mostly guys in the show.

I still remember I wanted to be Lucy Lawless when I grow up. hehe ... it just seems sooooo funny right now!


Lucy Lawless, she was a wonderful Xena.

I remember her riding that palomino and having this blond girl Gabrielle at her side.

The best of all was the famous landscape around. I never had an impression how New Zealand looked before I watched Xena and Hercules.
I didn't know there was a movie, I use to watch that show once in a while with my mom and dad. They liked it. But I never saw the movie...maybe I should rent it just to see.