Xfinity on Demand over the Internet is now garbage - XFinity

Xfinity has totally messed up viewing TV shows over the Internet. The new TV on demand software is horribly slow, shows don't stream smoothly anymore, they are jerky and the video no longer matches the audio. You are now forced to sit through mind numbing commercials (read increased revenue stream for Xfinity), and the search engine to find shows doesn't work. Plus you can no longer pick a starting point to continue watching a show that was cut off due to an interruption to your internet service. You have to start at the beginning and can't even fastforward to get to the point in the show when you were cut off.

Thanks for messing up what use to be a great way to watch TV on my computer any time and any where I wanted. So much for putting the customer first. Great job guys.

This question, "Xfinity on Demand over the Internet is now garbage," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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