Xfinity Roku App Favorites Keep Changing - XFinity

The favorites on the Roku do not save, and this is becoming quite annoying.

Going online logging in selecting favorites doesn't push out to the apps. When you select the channels for favorite they appear for a while then change again. Why can't something as simple selecting favorites work properly???? I don't understand why it doesn't push out to the device from the website what you want the favorites to be. It doesn't even work when doing it from the app itself.

Having to scroll throw all channels is ridiculous considering the same channel is like 3 times so they can reach their 200+ mantra nonsense. No, the same channel is not another channel whether it is SD or HD.

I've uninstalled the app and reinstalled to no avail. Is there a fix for this that I'm missing or do I need to call tech support? Hopefully I'll get someone in the United States who understands streaming and speaks English... UGH

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