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I'm new here and I know just enough to have more questions. Just got a Roku Streaming Stick to stream tv on one HD TV. I've got 3 HD boxes right now, and 3 SD boxes (lots of TV's in the house) so I've got monthly rental fees for the boxes that add up. Seems like a better choice to spend $50 (on sale at Best Buy right now for $40). Right now, the roku streaming through the Xifinty Beta is free. Do we know how long it'll remain free and if that changes any idea what the per month or Per TV rate would be? I'm looking at adding 5 more Roku sticks at $40@ so $200, but I'm paying $10 per box per month for 3 HD Boxes, and a couple bucks per box for the SD box. So I'm looking at 35+/- per month in rental fees. If I can ditch the box rentals, the Streaming sticks will pay for themselves in a few months. Seems like a great deal.

What am I missing?

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