Xfinity Stream Beta - Samsung - XFinity

Here because I'm very frustrated with this app.

Had it working on my Samsung MU6300 when I first got the servive (few days ago) - worked for a few hours - turned the TV off and back on and in will not work for 4 day despite calling Comcast and getting the nrunaround; try this try that, nothing work - seems they should be able to resolve. I reinstalled the app several times and each time I get a new code to authorize, I put the code in, says successful but on the TV it chages to SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG - Please try again. Pushing try again goes to a black screen saying now connecting to your entertainment experience, it sits there spinning it's wheels and never conects. One tech said I need to replace my router and modem with a Motorola Gateway, this is after he had me try several other things. What a joke.

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