Xfinity Stream on Sony Bravia - XFinity

I am interested if there is a timeline for the Xfinity Streaming app to be available on a Sony Bravia android TV? I've lived in my current home for a year now and there is no cable drop in the den where the TV is, or an easy way to run one under the house or in the attic, so I can't use my cable box. (My ceiling doesn't have enough space to get to that side of the room and the den is on a slab.) There are many services that are available and use those instead most of the time like Netflix, Amazon Prime, but I would like to watch HBO. The HBO GO app won't let me stream it either, it says "not available on your device," so most of the time I can never watch it.

This question, "Xfinity Stream on Sony Bravia," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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